Paradise Wish

I ambled on the beach to Explore
My bare naked toes touched the gentle waters cascading upon ths sandy wet shore.
As I Inhale the air, the taste was refreshingly pure.
Watching Birds taking flight
And slowly fading from My eye sight

I begun to be Entranced with the Reddish Orange Broad painted Horizon, where the waters meet up with the sun.
I close my eyes as Nature And I grew to be as one.
My soul breaks free and just runs.
My hair sways back and fourth with the coconut trees
My skin Tingles as it feels the cool ocean\'s breeze,
During the hour of Summer\'s Eve.
I open my eyes to behold the Golden sand
As it Shimmers like tiny bits of diamonds in the palm of my hand.
And out of no where Comes this Royal looking man,
Grasping a hold of my attention span,
Walking bold and strong like a sound of the drum in a band.
He was tall dark handsome, slim build, with a muscular physique,
I felt his Charismatic ambiance as it loudly begun to speak
Then it caress my forhead and kissed me on my left and right cheek.
And the whiff of his scent was ever so pleasant.
I had smelled an aroma mixture of shea butter and coconut oil.
He had me drunken with the overwhelming sense of being Joyful.
I was surrounded by his presence as I was the flower blooming with radiance and he was my healthy soil.
He was the Ripen fruit specially picked from the grape vine
That look so delectablely divine
I desired to let him Intoxicate me with his fermented wine.
He Exhilarated me sending chills up my spine.
He Vitalize my mind.
As I left the stress behind, And continue to unwind.
The waters were Groving to thier own beat.
As the ocean laughed at my feet.
The Rippling saphire waves played a song soothingly.
And This beautiful man was being pulled closer to me as if nature took Conplete control over our space of gravity.
The opera of the sea danced all over our bodies and the wave became a tone serene and heavenly.
A Musically fine tuned medlody, like an voila in an orchestrated symphony.
He and I at this moment were ment to be.
My wrist against his veiny wrist
I couldnt resist,
Our tongues Exchanging salvia as they twist.
Who knew our passionate kiss lead to us swimming in the ocean\'s of love like 2 love making fish.
This is the place my heart longed to exist.
It had me thinking it couldnt get any better than this.

Until I woke up out of my sleep realizing I was only dreaming about my paradise wish.