A Devil called Chocolate ....

A devil called Chocolate


Oh!! you wonderful delicious devil in disguise,
I love you so but so does my stomach and thighs.
That tune you blow, I\'m then a pied piper child,
With eyes delirious, I\'m along for a wonderful ride.
Your beautiful taste, is near never the same,
The Melt in my mouth, sends me almost insane.
From up on that shelf, you flicker yours eyes so,
I have to pick you up, then bag you and go.
Unfortunately not every one loves you the same,
scales in my bathroom, don\'t believe my pound gain.
My sweet tooth is winning, this battle of the bulge,
And extra letters on tags, is a result of indulge.
So now I must start, my chocolate cold turkey,
reduce those numbers,and get down to waist thirty.
Don\'t worry we\'ll still, have the odd little fling,
When no one is watching, the shop I\'ll come in...