One Step Closer

the wind,

whips her hair

as she stands,

at the waters edge


her bright blue eyes

stare into the distance

as she thinks,

of just ending it all


as she steps closer,

tears start to fall

its almost time

to just end it all


the pain

will all fade

when she takes,

her final breathe


one step closer,

to her death

it will all end,



one step closer,

away from you

away from the world

all around her


one step closer,

to just disappearing

without a trace,

of where she went


one step closer,

to dying

of taking her last breathe

and leaving you


one step closer,

to saying goodbye

to you,

and everyone she loves


one step closer,

to the edge of nothing

where everything she loves,



well she\'s been gone,

for a while now

and you still miss her

every day