This Love

Our love, we can not see

Yet we still look for it

Though it is not there

We yearn for our love

For it once brought us happiness

But now we can not find it

Though we try and try

We want to have it so bad

Yet it is not there

But it may be there

Though it is not the same love

Though we do not feel the same

The love is still there

It is just not the love we had

The love we began with

For this love is different 

It holds us back no more

For we do not mourn when we are apart

We celebrate that we will be together

Because this love that we lost

Was artificial

And the love that we have

Is as true as the sun is bright

And as the clouds are soft

Our love is not lost

It has meerly grown

From what was a small caterpillar 

To what is now a beautiful butterfly

For our love that we search for is not there

It is new

It is different

Yet it is still love