She was strong and no one knew it -

No one knew how hard it was for her to hold it together

They didn\'t know that every time she heard that certain song

she wanted break down into tears

They didn\'t know that seeing her best friends with their boyfriends,

who used to all double date together, killed her

They didn\'t know that she hated hearing about their happiness

They didn\'t know that every time she saw him and smiled to be polite,

she had to squeeze her fists together so she could hold herself together

They didn\'t know that every month since the day of the break-up,

she noticed the date

She relived the break-up

She felt her stomach drop

She heard his voice

She regretted everything

They didn\'t know that when she talked about him and his new girl,

She wanted to throw up

She asked herself why

She wanted to ask him why

She compared herself to the her

They didn\'t know anything

They knew the girl that once in a while would show her weakness,

but very often seemed fine

She was good at wearing that mask

She smiled and partied and kissed other boys,

but they weren\'t him

They didn\'t kiss her like he did

They didn\'t talk like he did

They didn\'t love her like he did

They weren\'t him

And what kills her the most is that he\'s not in love with her anymore

He\'s okay

He\'s moved on

He\'s with someone knew

He doesn\'t need her anymore

He was just someone who came into her life,

learned all of her secrets,

memorized her likes, dislikes, her body,

and is now gone

Gone from her life