I say No, You say yes, I say no, You say yes.

I tell you no over again that I don\'t want to get undressed.

I got stressed and I knew he was using me, well I guessed.

He wanted a relationship, i told him its not based on ownership i just want a companionship.

he holds my hands tight, he started a fight he was like that Edward of twilight.

His eyes change, blue,red and orange its so strange.

Its when he gets mad,he puts blame on you and starts to take piss out of your family like ya dad.

he wants you to be bad like a triad.

Abusive,cruel evil isn\'t the word,he\'s all fake when he says a lass he\'s like what a bird\" which is absurd.

People tell me to leave him, but i just cant,i cant ignore him. i wish people could understand.

i love him, at times he can be a lovely young man.

But love isnt enough, he always makes me feel like a duff.

But im complicated, i say one thing then say another. thats just me!