Michael Edwards


The picture above is me working in the studio taken from my website. For an explanation about the work below please see my comments in the COMMENTS box to the right.


No resting place for pliant thoughts

His fears to die an unwept death

Were still inclined

Inclined by indolence

But slowly bruises with

As old presiding spirit flowed

Once stupefied his soul

Unfolding now

Seeks to cross divided thoughts

old / dissipate unfounded prejudices

Blind prejudice _/Feelings …..influenced the tongue

Where once the soiled water flowed

As sunshine falls on barren ? arid soils

He seeks to cross the ? empty basin

As rivulets begin to flow

The dark obstructions

swept away

Sources of all displeasure

And snow melt waters start to seep

Builds …….

And feelings fountain flows again.

And /‘tho /now on calming waters

He no longer looks/no more/ for bridges.