When your not quite Mr Gray

He watches her mouth

She bites at her lip 

His eyes travel south

They rest on her hips 


She let\'s out a giggle 

He let\'s out a sigh 

Was it a signal? 

Anticipations high 


She crosses her legs 

He leans into the scene 

He drains his beer dregs 

Who is this Queen? 


His eyes are now greedy 

The Queens unaware 

He looks kinda seedy 

But he doesn\'t care 


Thoughts going wild 

Emotions are high 

A grown up man child 

Undoing his tie 


He\'s sure that she sees him 

His heart beats with lust 

Sex on a whim 

Oh it\'s a must 


She\'s smiling and waving 

He smiles and waves back 

Her body he\'s craving 

He\'ll get her in the sack 


Shes standing and speaking 

But no. . . . . not to him 

She kisses and cuddles 

Her boyfriend named Jim