Needles and Pins

Needles and pins stuck in my arm 

Every where I look metal to see 

The needles and pins mean me no harm 

Doesn\'t matter though. . . .  How they hurt me 


Strapped to the table, unable to move 

Pins in my eyes make me bleed 

Someone wipes at my face, how I disprove 

Touching is pain, there\'s no need 


My eyesight is blurry and hearings impaired 

My speech when I talk sounds slurry 

All has gone dark And im feeling scared 

Past the point of simple worry 


My legs are like lead and covered in sweat 

My arms are like cold jelly that quakes 

I\'m crying and dribbling, the table is wet 

My body it quivers and shakes 


I try to stand, I will myself up 

But the straps are holding me down 

I can feel my anger steadily build up 

Life has been such one big let down 


No where to go, no where to hide 

I have nothing left in my soul 

All of my pride has slowly died 

And all that is left is a hole


My mind is a box and my demons live there 

I vow they shall never break out 

They kick and they scream and violently swear 

I fear one day they\'ll escape no doubt 


We all have our demons, our crosses to bare 

We must take each day as it starts 

It\'s sad but it\'s true life is not fair 

Keep true to the truth in your heart