Michael Edwards





Green field site in prime location,

planning application made,

public meeting , opposition,

hardline views, foregone conclusion,

council votes, approval granted


Press announcement made applauding,

brand new store, a big attraction,

grab a basket, grab a trolley,

don’t miss out on opening offers.


Gourmet foods, exciting products

new collections, spring designs

fancy wrappings well presented

stylish goods from leading brands.

‘May I help you? Only looking!


Staff shelf-stacking hindering access,

empty boxes blocking isles,

goods displayed beyond their sell-by,

self-scan checkouts, baskets only,

this till closed, frustration mounting.


Foot-falls down and profits plunging,

weekly targets downward spinning,

clearance goods at knock-down prices,

prices slashed, go grab a bargain,

all must go in closing sale.


Dirty windows, tattered posters,

concrete cracking, buddleias blooming,

rusty chain across the entrance,

demolition work in progress.

Brown field site in prime location.