Blue sky
Blue sea
Land of white sand
Coucou and flying fish
Grilled fish at Oistins
Red and white snapper
How I love you barbados
Blue stripes
With the broken trident head
In between
Land of Bussa
With the broken chains
In the heart of Haggatt hall
unbroken hearts
From Christchurch to saint Lucy
Land of wuk ups at carnival
Up and down the land
Plenty of sugar cane fields
Rich history preserved
The future,the past and the colorful present
How I love you barbados
Land of sunshine and rain
Rain drops and clear skies
Scuba diving
Red footed tortoise watching
green monkeys watching
Green fields
Tall coconut trees
ZR vans
red circle bus stop signs
Out of city
To city
To and fro
Through the narrow roads
Up hill and down hill
Bushy park
Saint Lawrence gap
How I love you barbados.