Silent Nights

The Way I Loved You

I used to love you,

In fact, I was infatuated with you.

I would spend hours at a time just thinking about how I could show you my love.


But then I saw you, with him.


Those hours turned into minutes,

And those minutes into seconds,

Then, I stopped all together.


You see, I loved you like the sun loved the horizon,

Kissing it every morning and every evening.

I loved you like thunderstorms loved destruction,

A broken path of depression in its wake.

I loved you so much it hurt to breathe, to stand up straight, or even think.


But that\'s all in the past now because now you\'re with him,

And I\'m




You are now filled with the happiness I once was,

You took my happiness and gave it to him.


Now I am hollow, broken.

Happiness isn\'t a luxury I can afford anymore.