Tris Eaton


I realized
How a few bad experiences
Can stick forever

They can keep you fearful
Without realizing it
They can still haunt you

They visit in your dreams
When you least expect it
When you thought you were over it

It fills you with discomfort
But you can\'t change it
You can\'t change the past

Sure you might forget about it
But sometimes it comes back
Sometimes worse

Even though it wasn\'t real
It still feels wrong
Like pain from a dream

It\'s obviously non-existent
So why do you still feel it?
Why does it stay there?

How do you make it stop?
I want to forget about it
I want to move on

I know some people would think:
\"It\'s not that bad\"
\"Be grateful it isn\'t worse\"

Of course I know it could be worse
But that doesn\'t affect me
Or the way I feel

I shouldn\'t be so fearful
Of what hasn\'t happened
But yet here I am

Scared of what shouldn\'t happen
Of what probably won\'t happen again
But yet it might