Zebra, just zebra.


Zebra, zebra, dark and bright.

Are you black, or are you white?

Do you run, from a fiery sky, and would you slip on frost and ice?

Zebra, zebra is it true? The sun glows orange, and the sea is blue.

When an angel speaks to you, does a demon speak there too.

Is it true, or is it false, in life and death we make a choice.

Heroes go to heaven, villains go to hell.

But what is this, please tell.

Around your hooves, there does grow.

Yellow flowers, with a purple glow.

Around your neck, a necklace glows.

Ying and Yang, only karma knows.


Zebra, zebra, where did you come from.

Look to the past, and the future shows.

If the Sun is by day, and the moon by night.

Why can I see them both, high in the sky.

Mars a red planet, earth is so green.

If Mars is Earths sister, then who is the brother?


Electricity, and water a powerful mix.

Who hates who or is it mixed?

On the ground, you do stand, when along came wind.

And chaos reigned.


A pen is mightier than the sword, but a pencil created them all.

Lucky is a four-leaf clover, unlucky is the one who fell over.

Rich is the wise, and the poor will follow.

Herbivore, and carnivore, plants versus zombies.

A popular game, I wasn’t being funny

Zebra, zebra, dark and bright.

Are you happy, or are you sad?

Is life, so black and white, or can colour come into light.