the Dragon King ( a fairytale of sorts)

He name was Luke, but I did not know
He lost his sister Lucy and he cried
Just as I was walking by
Take me home I heard him say
As I passed his cage that day
On a sunny April morn
Please don’t leave me here and all alone
They will gas me here for sure today
If you leave me here in this way
Please take me home now If you will
I ‘ll be good and I will keep you well
I’ll follow you straight down to hell
If you need me too
OK that’s just what I will do
I will give my life and soul to you
And now he is a friend of mind
Knighted with my grandson’s line
Of plastic swords and plastic shield’s
4yr old Grandson Jay-Mo (Jameson)
Said Poppa dude I think we should?
And so we gave him a crest of his own
And full Sainthood right from the throne
In the castle’s living room
For his has thrown me quite a bone
Sir Saint Luke E Boy the Dragon King
Fills me heart with joy and things
Now he is all the Kingdoms hero’s sing
Now I have love abound with grandson and my dog around