My River Awaits

I cross the road,

Walk down the familiar path

And there to greet me like a long lost friend

Are the Swans, gliding towards me,

They sail in silence

On My Friend, My River.

It is such a long time since the last time,

The time has been hard

With no time to walk by My River’s side,

But I am back

It may even be just the once for a while.

As I walk along by its side

I can feel the smile growing,

And the peace starts to swell

Inside my body and mind.


“Teacher! Teacher!” I hear

As the Great Tit calls through the canopy,

The canopy of sycamore awaiting new buds

As Spring comes upon them, to bring new life,

To bring new life to all Nature.

Overhead I hear the Geese fly noisily

Towards the water,

The sound of their raucous voices

So noisy, so wonderful,

As I walk towards the bridge

The sound of the traffic seems muffled

In comparison.

Then over the traffics growl I hear children,

Children shouting and laughing,

Laughing on their way to school.


The bridge is above me,

Then behind me,

And now I am back with Nature.

The noise receding into the distance,

Leaving just Natures Symphony

Surrounding my being.

The Symphony having a moment of silence,

The silence that surrounds a Buzzard

As its gentle flight takes it above My River.

The silence is broken by the slap of wings

As the Woodpigeon take flight.

I look across the field and see a Magpie,

So beautiful in its white and blue iridescence.

I am pulled back to My River,

I hear and see ducks

Quacking in their flight

Just skimming above its surface.


As I move further into Natures realm

I see a cygnet slowly sliding by

Still exploring its new and wonderful world,

That world of absolute beauty and joy,

That world of which I am now part.

My River at my side,

My Mind clearing for a moment

As I see My river and My Spirit combine,

Both leading me to infinity,

One day I will follow its path to the end,

And be with it forever


I come to the paths end and turn back,

Back towards the life awaiting me,

Back to my love who needs me.

Needs me more and more each day

As she slowly glides into her own world,

The world where her mind is closing,

Closing inside a bubble of her own,

That bubble becoming stronger

And harder for me to penetrate.


I near the end of my walk and see the road

But as I reach the gate a blackbird is beside me,

Looking at me and seeming to say,

“Good bye, come back soon”.


I know that I will be back,

My River awaits me

And is calling me,

To walk again by its side.