The lonely poet

Lost part of me

Eight  long  years since last we spoke and still every  day I think of you and we\'ll up and choke , up to date pictures  of  you  people  have tried to  make  me  view  but this I really cannot  do, its far to painful Eight  years   I will never get  over time lost wasted and not seeing you.

I\'m so sorry this as it happens to me and my real  father , when you were born I promised   you and myself  that I wouldn\'t do the same and it\'s making   it  a lot harder,

You are my first born son my firs number 1, you are the piece  of my heart and soul that  I will never get back it\'s gone , just because  all along me and your mum did not get on, a first born son has grown up without  his father and a father has grown without   his first born son .

The lonlypoet  

My lost boy xxx