Things Happen For a Reason

 I stand with my feet in the sand looking at ocean\'s waves brush up against land, thinking about the past and how being a child was a blast thinking about how kids now or days don\'t know how to make those days last, so quick to wanna grow up and be on there own not knowing the real world will leave you alone and not care if you got a home, parents making sure you got clothes on your back making sure your grades don\'t slack trying to teach you crack is whack but you never understand how much they looked at for you until you realize no one else had your back, by then you\'ve probably already failed probably ended up in jail calling on your parents to help get you bail but until then you\'re sitting in a cell, realizing maybe it was a reason why your parents gave you a shove, maybe it was all out of love, maybe it\'s because they don\'t wanna see their kids strung out on drugs, as I stand with my feet in the sand looking at the oceans waves brush up against land, I appreciate the things my parents did for me because it molded me into the man I\'m glad I became to be...