I\'m cold and I\'m vacant.
My lungs aren\'t breathing.
My mind is a vagrant.
The voices aren\'t leaving.
There\'s no more saving.
My wrists are bleeding.
It started as a craving.
The obsession is pleading.
The sound of relentless raving.
Hope is quickly fleeting.
No pain no gain.
But I want to lose.
If I can\'t be sane.
Then what\'s the use.
I stand in the rain.
To find a muse.
To my disdain.
I am my own abuse.
Trapped by a personal bane.
A clever little ruse.
The worlds not so plain.
Its a multitude of hues.
Where my head has lain.
There\'s but a bruise.
Crimson fills my sight.
The light fades away.
No energy left to fight.
It all ends this fateful day.
There is no wrong or right.
There is a price to pay.
My chest feels tight.
I can no longer stay.
I\'d make a promise if I could.
But it would only be a lie.
There is no good.
In this last goodbye.