Weather Dictates

You put together a wondrous plan,

Of what to do upon this land,

In mind, you hope the Sun is out,

Wherever you are kicking about,

But the clouds decide to precipitate

You stay in because the weather dictates.


Now you start to read a book,

A pleasant plot that is nicely cooked,

The story full of twists and turns,

You start to sob and the heart does burn,

“I need to get out to participate!”

But you look outside, still weather dictates.


You mark the book and put on player,

Pieces by Mozart to songs by Mayer,

Fills you up with aural peace,

Purging away a certain crease,

“I want to go to studio, to create!”

Still pouring down, so weather dictates.


Now you plug in and start to surf,

From Facebook, to bank to check your worth,

On Messenger, you start group conversation

The topic title “Awful Precipitation!”

The group and you want to congregate,

The storm continues, so weather dictates.


You click 103 to watch the big match,

Making a wager, a certain good catch,

The numbers are in, what luck you’ve won,

Time to spend your dollar in the Sun,

But you look again with disapproving face,

The bucketing continues, weather dictates.


You should not feel dissatisfied,

That you have had to stay inside,

In dryness, you have been very lucky,

With winning that bet on the Rugby,

I completely see you have energy,

To partake in many activities,


For this rain, I to, want to stop,

As I have to go down to the shops,

To get some onions and lovely liver,

But I can’t walk in this misplaced river,

So, for tonight I will have empty plate,

As for sure in Britain the weather dictates!