A Promenade by the Trent

A brisk walk by waterway is indeed a gift,

Away from loud town, here I will get my lift,

Feasting upon a scene that is so very pleasant,

The green of bank and babbling water is my present.


The thoughts so dark within me evaporate away,

As the image, I see before me has no sign of decay,

Blessings I re-tally now, so I am fortuitous,

What was dark is now so bright like the cumulus.


Streams of consciousness continue down their paths,

The Trent and I laboriously conjoined in mental bath,

I try to keep the balance of my ordinance and my dreams,

The river freely runs and controls current of the stream.


The aqua made basilisk becomes so very thin,

As my feet takes me to the locks that dwell within,

Bargemen so courteous, to me they give a wave,

On this joyous sunny day that nature to us gave.


My hike continues now by this amiable tributary,

No longer lean, it widens hence to exercise liberty,

Its flow more flamboyant to show the rapids fall,

My thoughts become more playful and so very droll.


Torrents are so violent now, I must be at the weir,

Where if you are not careful you have good reason to fear,

So together both river and I make a sensible pact,

To ensure that between us there is no fierce attack.


I cross over bridge and stop a while to get a better view,

Of the majesty of ancient entity that nature drew,

Recount in mind I do of its beauty and its danger,

I will for certain return my friend, so I will be no stranger.


An hour passes and the cascades have made me thirsty,

Thus natural scene I have to leave and return to city,

So when I sip the golden stuff as my thirst is quenched,

I will toast to merriment of my walk beside the Trent.