A Man of Infinite Leisure.

The eyes open from a deep, dream filled sleep,

Dreams of joys and wonders that had filled his life.

His life’s work, now at an end, work he had enjoyed,

But now completed, leaving time for complete relaxation.

Time to do the things he wants and wanted.

The things that became rushed while at work,

Now able to be done with ease, and time to spare.

That time for a gentle stroll in the park,

Enjoying the open space but filled with children’s laughter.

The café by the River where he stops for coffee,

Looking at the water, gently gliding by.

The slow walk around the town,

Looking in shops, talking to friends he meets on the way,

No hurry to get away, no pressure.

Lunch beckons, so into the pub he goes,

A place where he is known as a gentle soul

Who has time for everybody, and his company enjoyed by all.

A pint, maybe two, to wash down a simple repast.

Chatting to and laughing with friends.

Lunch over so back home for a rest.

Changed into comfortable relaxing clothes

Music fills the air as he settles down to read.

The rest changes to a short nap.

Awaking again the music still a joy,

He listens to the notes entering his mind,

So relaxed, so happy.

Unhurriedly, he gets himself ready;

Tonight, dinner and the Opera,

With a lady friend,  no ties

Just pure unalloyed friendship of many years.

An evening of good food, friendship and Verdi.

He parts from her at her door and slowly walks home;

Enjoying the stars shining down on this happy man.

A man of infinite leisure.