\"I love you\"
Love? You call that love?
Was it love when you laughed at me face
Was it love when you treated me like a disgrace
Was it love when I saw you with that other girl
Was it love when you tripped me up and made me hurl
Is that what you think \"love\" is?

\"I realize my mistake, I\'m sorry.\"
Sorry you got caught or sorry because you cheated?
Sorry? You\'re only sorry because the girl left you
Sorry? Well it\'s too late for that
Sorry doesn\'t mean anything to me anymore
I don\'t even think you really care

\"I do care, I really want you back.\"
Hahaha, that\'s not what you said before
Hahaha, I\'ve already moved on
Hahaha, you have already broken my heart, there\'s no point
Hahaha, you mean nothing to me
You need to move on too