Awesome is your love for me

Better than all others I have known

Constantly your passion pulls me in

Don’t ever let go

Embrace me as if the world were ending

Forever be with me, never leave

Great is your love for me

Higher and higher the passion rises

I love you more than my own life

Join with me as one mind, soul, and body

Kindness stream from you like rain from the sky

Love me like I have never been loved before

Move me with your passion and grace

Never before have I ever been so loved

Open my heart to accept your love

Passionate is your embrace

Quiet my mind so I may only hear your voice

Redeem me as you see fit

Streams of passion pour from your soul

The love I feel for you is overwhelming

Unite my heart with your

Very real are these emotions

With passion like no other you love me

X-tream love and passion come from you

Yes I love you more than life itself

Zealously I accept you