Thankyou for saving me

Before I met you I was stuck in a rut

Not knowing which route to take

I don\'t believe meeting you was just a stroke of luck

I would say it\'s more like fate

Without you I wouldn\'t have got this far

You showed me better ways to deal

Things I would never have done before

Things that would help me begin to heal

Even though I seem to always have setbacks

And revert back to my old ways

Because of you I know my life is not my past

No matter what my mind tries to say

I know it must be so hard bring my friend

I know I\'m not the easiest person to keep close

I can\'t express how much you are a godsend

You stick by me for reasons only you know

Sometimes I know I push you away

Not because I don\'t love you

I really want you to stay

But because you deserve

More than what I do

I don\'t want you to worry or feel like you have to look after me

I want for you to be able to lean on me too because that\'s what friendship is supposed to be.

I know that if you stick by me a little longer

And it could be a while

But I will get stronger

And il be able to make you smile


Thankyou for all you do

Thankyou for being you