Through it all

God will get you through anything   Without you I have no idea where I would  be right now.    Through all the pain and isolation you never let me down  There was nothing i could get around   I felt your grace lift me up, when I gave up you never let go.  I knew my parents loved me. They just wasn\'t right. They had a different mind set. the world\'s standards they already met. Drug addiction indicates the condition of society and the state. It indicates lifestyle and moral values. Drug abuse is like a thermometer showing society\'s temperature.  Drugs take you to hell disguised as heaven. They just needed their fix.  I only knew of one fix they really needed, they needed to fix there hearts. They needed to trust in you to help them over come this sickness. Doesn\'t mean I love them less.  Its so hard to to have the burden and the stress I needed a release  This burden had to be lifted  My heart crowded with pain I felt insane  It got to the point where i couldn\'t think, couldn\'t eat, I couldn\'t even come to the conclusion you would take care of it.  There was so much faith lost A lot of lines crossed I would think \" how could such a loving God do this to me and my family. \"  \" Why would he give me all these burdens and heartache\" You tested every bit of my faith. But when did I forget, you have always been the King of the world. When did I forget you are God, and I am not. There isnt a day, you have not seen.   When did I forget about the times you took care of me.  We didn\'t have much food in our cabinets, and no water in the faucet But somehow we never did without. You put people in our lives to take care of us and provide us with things we needed. You never let us go without. Your love was all we ever needed to know about. God you have gave me the ability to love without seizing. You have opened up a light in my heart for everyone to see. You gave me the ability to believe in things and to have faith. You also gave me the ability to forgive. You gave me the ability to forgive my mom and dad for all the disasters they put me through.  You gave me the ability to forgive my self for doubting you. You gave me a loving aunt and uncle to step in and take care of us. You gave me an accepting church family, that would never dis-own me.  I pray to you  God of love God of oceans and skies God of good and evil  That they open their souls up to see you and to see your light  What a wonderful sight  I know if they ask you will help them They just think their chances are very slim They don\'t see a problem They won\'t admit using the substances.  Drug abuse is like swimming in a whirl pool, you can control the ride if you don\'t get too close to the middle, but once you start falling in you can\'t get back out. I don\'t know why they turned to drugs. Was their mind so empty, like the way I feel when I have to be without them. What made them turn to this deep dark obsession? Are they trying to escape fate? I  wish there eyelids would rise, so I could see there eyes. I do believe one day they will be drug free, well one of them. My dad recently passed away. To heaven he already found a way. Heaven above is filled so much love  I know he is happy up there with you. Who wouldn\'t be?  I wanted him to stay longer, but he lasted shorter then the sun in the winter.  I don\'t know whether he passed from using the substances. I can\'t find my self to read the results  I\'m just going to put this in your hands I know you will get me through. You always have A little while has passed All I could do was find him in every man I looked at All I could do was think of his voice saying my name My family felt the same I didn\'t know for sure if you could get us through this all But your love I saw You gave me comfort  He is in a far better place What place is better the heaven? Through all my trials and ups and I didn\'t know at the time what you was doing. You made me stronger in you. You made me have more faith, you made me trust in you more. You tested my faith,  you did all this for a reason. I know I can\'t fully wrap my head around why you do things and why things happen but I do know you are God and you have a plan. You have a plan for everything.  Thank you for getting me through it all Even though I haven\'t made it through my whole life yet and I know there is more trials and tribulations to come. I know you will always help me get through it all.  Thank you for giving me the life I never  deserved.