Taste like Pain

It\'s dark
with sunlight streaming through the windows
So cold
but I know it\'s hot outside
My soul weeps and poison seeps out of my cracks
It\'s bitter
like all those words that you said
Surrounded by memories here and there and everywhere
and they destroy
I try to listen
to hear that your voice
its too far away you left with nothing else to say
Am I haunted
or that just a sharp memory shaped like a knife ripping into me
To destroy what\'s left
Why can\'t I feel anything
why did no tears fall
where is my anger
where is my wailing cry
How did you bury my hope with your lies
How did you water your evil with my cries
How did you learn how to steal what can\'t be found
How did you leave me lost
Where I know every space
How am I suffocating without a touch
I know you\'re not touching me
But I can\'t breathe
You\'re not standing in front of me
But I can\'t see
Why do my ears grow deaf
Why are you seeking to destroy what little that\'s left
Let me hide it
it\'s just a little piece
Not enough to stand up to you
Not enough to stop what you\'ve done
Those words you throw like bullets of hate
So I\'ll sit here
All alone I\'ll wither and die
But you\'ll never notice
As long as I smile when I cry
What\'s happening
How do I melt like salt
Can you not taste it
The flavor of pain
How am I just disappearing
Who among us is at fault
you used faith to destroy hope
You covered your lies with whispers and smoke you mixed destruction with Pain
Until it was the prettiest color
And watched
as I took it in like a chance
I wanted to lay in it
soak in the taste
But it ate at my soul
left me a dry dark waste
What\'s left
What else is there to tear
rip and maim
How do I hear the song
That I\'m gone
Am I even home
Dear God how do I cry
Where did a tear come from
Is my soul not too dry to bleed
I\'m looking
I can\'t find me
I think I went away
it was just too fucking hard to stay