Tom The Turtle (A Nort the Newt story)

One day Nort the newt was heading over to Tom the turtles house.  Tom was getting up in years and could not get around as well as he used to.  So nort would go over and do chores for him every now and then.  When Nort got to Tom\'s house Tom was already outside at the gate.  They said Hi to each other then Tom told Nort what to do \" Nort I need you to paint the fence, the door, and windowsills.\"  Nort said ok then asked where the paint was.  Tom showed Nort to the shed.  There Nort picked up the paint and brush Then went to the fence to start.  Before Tom went inside he told Nort that lunch would be at noon, and to not over work.  At noon Nort went into the house for lunch.  They had salad, sandwiches, and tea.  Tom commented the work Nort was doing.  Nort said thanks.  After lunch Nort went back out to finish.  Nort finished painting and put the paint back in the shed.  He knocked on Tom\'s door. Tom opened the door.  Nort said \"Well I\'m done.\" Tom stepped outside and looked around.  Them Tom said\"Looks good Nort, real good thanks for doing it.\"  Nort said \"No problem\" They shook hands and Nort headed back home