The text

The text you sent last night
Oh how that gave me a fright
I prayed for it to be a joke
But it wasn\'t

The way my heart screamed in pain
And how I\'m basically becoming insane
Was obviously so funny to you
But I still couldn\'t cry

I was shocked not upset
I\'d ask why but wouldn\'t explain I bet
Why\'d you even have a drop of care in your heart for me?
Am I that horrible?

The text you sent killed me
My vision was blurry; I couldn\'t see
You could see the agony I was in
But why\'d you care

The way you had the heart
And how you could just break my soul apart
Was so confusing to me
But oh well

I realized after i was fine
I\'d normally allow darkness to take over whats mine
But later I was kinda alright
Am I better of without you?