Path of Your Words

My path of destruction lays paved in your words
The way I hate myself, was created in your eyes
The way somedays, I don\'t want to exist
was fed by your lies
My identity was swallowed with your pills
who am I,
Drifted away with the smoke you blew from you lips
Your lips that brought pleasure to make sure I was there for your gain
I have cried to a God that doesn\'t hear me
release me from the Pain
My heart craves to stop from a weapon that can\'t be seen...only felt
Over and over I thought I died
But I\'m still here
You told me I was a queen, I\'m just a pawn
In this game with no rules
I am vessel, full of holes sinking under the weight of fools
The greatest is me.
I answer, while your actions write in the reflection of the tear flavored pool
The one I cried
I was your sacrifice, the swirl of emotions
that died to feed your true devotions
The darkness is never full, it just feeds on me as I scream, only that satisfies what\'s in you that\'s so insatiably cruel
These open wounds seep poison
I wanted to heal
Now I would settle for a scar
One that shows me who you really are