MY BUNNY RABBITS ~ An Acrostic Sonnet



MY BUNNY RABBITS are so sweet

You should see them ~ in their run so neat 


Bunnies playing in the fresh green grass

Unfazed by all the things that pass      

No one considers a bunny is crass

NO ~ I will poke you in the eye ~ if

You\'re thinkin\' ~ Yummy Rabbit Pie !


RABBITS are for fun ~ NOT Rabbit stew

A Rabbit is a very cute pet too

Black ones ~ White ones ~ Grey one for you

Big ones ~ small ones and some are BLUE !

I love to hold and stroke my Rabbits

They make me laugh ~ with their mating habits

So I have a DOE & BUCK ~ I\'ll get some babies with a bit of luck ! 


Thanks for visiting ~ comments welcome ~ Cuddly Love ~ BRIAN


This poem is presented as a Rhyming ~ Acrostic ~ 2 5 7 Sonnet ~ OK