A letter to God

A letter to God
By Sharon Maria Moemise

Dear God, please accept my now crumpled letter
Wherein I ask Thee for a life that is so much better
from the one I\'ve been tossed into for far too long
where all that is good and right is but sold for a song

I have a few questions for thee as well dear Lord
Which I hope will make me wiser, if a response I afford
Why, dear Lord, do innocent babies bear the horrible brunt
of the blows adults throw when it is thee they do affront?

Why, dear God, do people get away with heinous crime
and satan enter the lives of the young at the promise of a dime
Where the weak suffer and the stronger only get stronger
and make the believers in God have doubt in their Redeemer?

Dear Lord our God, I thank You, for another year to my life
Allowing me to embrace all toward which I strive
For bestowing possibilities and chances galore
and making my view on life better than before

I\'m grateful, Lord, to feel heavy rain on my dry skin
For hearing my payers as I beg forgiveness for my sins
And have the rays of Summer\'s heat beat upon me
From thy forever faithful servant, and true I always be.