A Teacher Reflects

A Teacher Reflects


I think of my first taught class,

Of students’ peculiar faces;

Of curiousity and perplexity,

Awe, wonder and angst;

“Who is she!?”


I think of iboards and white boards;

Of the furnace-like classrooms,

Of cardigan-clad wintertime students.

I think of my thunderous heart beats,

Pounding, pounding to escape my chest.


I think of my first,

Of eight nerve-racking observations;

Of interesting, challenging questions;

The fear of silence; and Lord! How,

The tick-tock of the wall clock boomed!


I think of X-ray eyes,

Of students enraptured,

Of my enthusiasm and passion;

Of Bloom’s Taxonomy,

Of explaining concepts and ideas,

Of habits, learning skills, routines.


I think of resources and starter activities,

Inclusive and learning-focussed;

How hard-working and engaging they were;

How they made me guffaw,

On freakish doldrum days.


I think of the fun we’ve had learning “Thunks,”

And of hugging rainbows and stripeless zebras,

Of fishes that lay, and laying fishes,

Of spider diagrams and mind-maps,

Of Kahoot, and dictionary definitions,

Easter eggs and argumentation.


I think of my name

being shouted out,

By cheery, friendly learners,

Along college corridors and cafes;

Of animated chats and exploring topics,

Of smiley faces when I say, “great!”


Of skills progressing and improving,

Of forming, storming,

norming and performing,

Of problem-solving and brainstorming,

Of exam scripts, assessment, marking.


I think of why I became a teacher –

To teach not what I want,

To know what learners need to learn.

Descriptive writing, creative thinking, literary terms;

I think of how far I have come

Of the confidence, I have grown.


Qualified now to teach learners new,

English GCSE and Functional Skills too;

I think of special educational needs,

Of creating a safety ethos,

A climate positive, caring, respectful,

Humanistic and pastoral.


To promote and empower,

Spiritual, cultural, moral and social,

Goals and lifelong ambitions.

PGCE has ended, I now await graduation,

Yet classes to construct, lessons to build;

Analysis, synthesis and evaluation,

Education, education, education.