All too little.

Should i tell you a little story i know?
About a young girl who\'s mind was closed but heart was open.
She tried hard to fit in despite her differences, despite her flaws, despite her inner wishes.
Because she was scared.
She knew the moment she shined like a star the world would put her out like a fire and destroy her hearts desires.
So why would she try?
So why would she try so hard to be who she wanted to be, if who she wanted to be wasn\'t accepted by society?
Why would she put those purple strands in her hair?
And shake her body like she didn\'t care.
Why would she sing till she felt like she\'d explode, if her voice wasn\'t what they wanted to hear.

She was a little girl.
No! she was a big girl with little confidence,
When she opened her mouth little sound came out.
And when she tried express herself little courage came out .
Because she was cast away,
Like a stray,
Looking for a place to call to call home.
Now she\'s looking for a place to be alone.
So she can sit. Isolated. No obligation to conform to the rules of society . No obligation to hide the colours of he personality.
She can let her spirit free and define who she wants to be .

Until the clock strikes 8 on a Monday morning and its back to the bullies, and the nobodies trying to ruin someone who wants to be a somebody.