Rodney Dad

You are military and anytime you 

will  be  away from here 

when Duty calls you Answer 

when you put on that uniform and boot\'s 

you here a small voice  from your 2 yearold son 

saying  daddy why are you leaveing  me and mommy again

Don\'t you love us to stay 

you Reply >yes son I love you even though me and mommy are not together anymore 

dose not mean  i Don\'t love you  >My Little Soldier 

So his son Rodney tell\'s his military Daddy  > with is sad little eys  when his daddy and his friend are leaveing  he tell\'s 

him  Daddy you Fight for are freedom  and are Country  when your done makeing Sure to come home to me 

Daddy you are my Hero  and >I love you Daddy