Losing a Friend

They warned me about you.

They said you would hurt me, destroy me,

Leave me feeling lifeless.


But of course, I never listened.

I defended you,

Loved you,

Gave you everything that you were missing,

And more.


You took everything from me.

Scraped my insides,

And left my dry.


I knew you were different, and that’s why I loved you.

I wanted to make you feel loved, and wanted.

We became too close,

So close that I couldn’t bear to be without you. 


We became more than friends, we became partners.

I called you my sister, family.

I trusted that you would never hurt me,

And so I opened myself up to you completely.


You knew my weaknesses, inside and out.

You knew how to damage me

But I never thought you actually would.


Losing a friend is hard,

But being deceived by one is even harder.


You lied, and I would forgive you.

You judged me, and I would forgive you.

You would take out your frustrations on me, and I would forgive you.

You would hit me hard when you were upset,

And still, I would forgive you,

Because I loved you.


You blamed me for your mistakes,

Because you were too weak.

And maybe we weren’t meant to be friends forever.

Maybe it was meant to be temporary.


I want to look back at our memories with fondness,

But I would be lying to myself if I did.

We both need to move on.

We need to go our separate ways.

We have to relearn the world without each other.


Thank you for teaching me the world’s greatest lesson;

Always be careful with whom you trust.


I am scared that I will never be able to trust again,

Because of you.

I will not play the victim, because I understand your pain.

And because I understand you, I will love you from a distance.

And wish you all the best, my best friend….