Dawn Von Rue



I crave the expedition

Of exploring your mind

Let me peer over the hills

Won\'t you allow me to see you?

See who you truly are,

Behind closed doors

Is it a show?

A masquerade,

That you let the world observe

Open up to me, my love

No judgement shall be passed

I only seek to know you

Love everything that makes you,

Who you are

I will see the deepest thoughts

The darkest secrets

You have no need to fret, dear

I will fill the voids

Replace the hurt and wounds

With strength and love

I plead with you,

Let me in,

Let me in that beautiful mind

I will be your sanctuary

Every secret will be safe within me

I hope my journey, with you

Never seizes

There is a vast galaxy

Inside of your precious mind

I will never stop learning

I will never give up on you

You are my guiding light

My heartbeat


My wandering will never end

\'Till death do us part


Until then, the map of your being

Will be ever expanding

Take my hand


Let the voyage begin