\"you\'ll be fine \"

Nothing worse than someone telling you, you’ll be fine ?

When you graze your knee you stand back up and brush it off.

Your at the rock bottom, trying so hard to climb

Feeling emotionally empty, numb lifeless to try and get to the top..

But you will continue to say “you’ll be fine”


People may judge and say youve got issues.. but you’ll be fine

You have an argument with a friend then be fine in a couple of days

But us ? aniexty is constantly running on time

Problems, worrying, panicking, crying that never fades, never goes away

But you will continue to say “you’ll be fine”


People say just have a laugh and joke! Dont be anti-social .. You’ll be fine

You can laugh you can joke  you can smile right?

But us its hard to fake a smile and laughter, thats a big enough sign

With mental health issues, Us We have to constantly Fight

But you will continue to say “you be fine”


When we explain were batterling something invisible

You look confused ? you don’t understand ?

But the saying “you’ll be fine”

Their the words we can not figure out..

With Mental illness you cant just “be fine”