My Anxiety.

Dark, Eerie, what my house is

it seemed so endless, every hallway, it was dark, blurry

No one was chasing me, I was not chasing anyone

It was just me, walking around, whispers surround me, knocks, creaks

giggles, groans, screeches, screaming, it got more blurry, it became hard to stand

I started hallucinating, panicking, my chest started to hurt, i started to twitch

my vision got so blurry, my legs and arms became weak, the ground below my feet danced

the whispers, screams, groans and screeches got louder, and louder, and louder, and louder

until I eventually fall to my knees, covering my ears and forcing my eyes shut

clenching my teeth, pulling my hair, pounding on the ground, growling in pain and fear

my mind, thoughts race, it\'s hard to think with the whispers and screams around

Eventually, I crawl into a ball in the corner of a room, shaking still, crying still

then it all start to fade, the whispers, screams and groans, my vision returns and I\'m left with

a horrible migraine.