I\'m Sorry

I’m sorry


I look at the flowers in spring

and cry at its beauty,

I smile at the touch of the sun,

and laugh at its warmth

and I am reminded,

it is tiring to love

I ache with nostalgia,

and remember better times,

I wander around my head

looking for something not there

screaming in silence,

hurt by neglect

and I am reminded

it is tiring to hurt

to be connected to everything

it is draining

to feel all those around you

and to not be apart of it

but I find moments of peace

thank you to my companions,

for giving me solace,

but to truly give my heart?

When I try…

It is if my soul is torn out of my body,

a self defense to prevent death

for feeling everything is a blessing and a curse,

which is why I’m sorry,

sorry that I cannot love you