Somewhere In Your Eyes

Somewhere In Your Eyes

If the dawn cannot wake then the sun will not rise
And there will be no beauty or blue in the sky
But I would trade It all just to be a reflection
Somewhere in your eyes

I breathe your breath
and hold your hand
I remember the moments
Footprints in the sand
Never will they wash away or fade with time
Your beauty everlasting a soul divine

Somewhere in your eyes
Just beneath the stars
Love cuts deep and leaves scars
All along my heart to the depth of the soul
Hemorrhaging memories as I grow old

Saline covered silk with a spirited smile
Summer whispers stay awhile
Floating entwined with the smell of youth
A Jasmine scented breeze of inalienable truth

 Thunder pounding like a beating heart
 Tearing at the seams and ripping it apart
 Till the rains pour in and offer a new start
 Not the same, no it can never be
 The past it weeps beneath our tree
 With its carved initials and minutes passed
 By a stream where time flows fast

 Somewhere in your eyes
 Is the light of day
 It is that love which illuminates the darkest night
 And helps me find my way