Emil Cerda

Jeans skirts

\"There are thousands of ways of unscathed greeting, of a Star and a Human.


\"Three seconds, I close my eyes and you\'re gone, Star.


\"In fact, I know that for this I live, to give and not receive; But what do I gain by giving, when I\'m torn pieces without you, Star?


\"I have traumas, problems... and you make me suffer from insomnia in the long run.


\"No Please!! Star, don\'t leave me!!! The only desire is to possess you.


\"Naughty, you always warn me; You go away, you humiliate, and when (this gives me more rage) I don\'t look for you, you give me a kick in the head.


\"Why are you like this, Love?


\"I\'ll buy a ticket, to go and see you, because that day, I felt the glitter of your eyes; so says the book, then, we saw you cry all the morning...


\"I\'m the bad guy in this prequel,

 I will not get a sequel,

 In case Love sneaks,

 It is better if you fly:

 Since, as I shall know, the shooting stars have a maiden.


\"I love when you laugh at my black jokes. In the middle of the window, I look at you, I would like to ask GOD for you, but I can\'t, because He already watches you with the soldiers.


\"And I, on top of the pain.

Enraged with cholera:

Because we need each other,

But I don\'t know if you\'ll want to... reappear\".