That\'s what we are 

Or what we call ourselves 

Are we the only beings 

Throughout the planets, the galaxy

Or is there other life so far away

Are they aliens 

Or are we 

An unknown species lost in space 

All individual, perfect and beautiful 

But I promise there isn\'t one with more beauty than you 

Inside and out

A special being no doubt

All the stars shine for you

Space lights up when your smiles in view 

The sun moves towards our planet

To help portray your eyes 

The moon glistens to help you sleep each night 

Every planet circles round ours

With other beings watching you from afar 

Wanting to recreate the perfect being on this earth 

For the whole universe to adore

To embrace a being with such little faults 

Impeccable in every note

A mesmerizing \'Alien\' for every planet in space to know