Like Forever

Day by day I\'ll stay, here right by your side

Though sometimes babe, I must choose to walk behind

Not because I\'m afraid, or asking you to lead the way

But so if you fall, I can catch you and keep you safe


\"I love you\" are beautiful words to hear, beautiful words to say

\"I love you\" is the most beautiful when lived each and every day

And every day I live to give you my life

The one that I love, the one that I hold at night

Yeah these hands are scarred and broken, and I could probably dress a little better

Oh I know I\'m far from perfect, but I can love you like forever.


When we first met, I saw a beauty hidden behind walls of mistrust

I\'d say \"hi\", you\'d  blow me off, and I\'d lie and tell myself its only lust

But then one day you gave me a smile and stole my heart like a bandit

Now I wonder if it were by the hands of Fate that the seed of love was then planted

Because what we share is perfect, every flaw is beautiful to me

The ups and the downs are worth it, a work of divine artistry

Oh when we kiss, I swear I literally get drunk on the taste of your lips

And when we touch, its as if you\'ve got fire in each of your fingertips

Heart to heart, chest to chest, time stops whenever we\'re together

No need for words, dont waste a breath, and let me love you like forever.


Now we\'re old and grey, and I\'m still here, right by your side

Yes, these years have been great, but soon we\'ll have to leave them all behind

There\'s no need to fear though, no reason to plead to stay

Because I know that we, my love, will be together every step of the way

I love you as the old woman right here, I still love the young bride of yesterday

I\'ve loved you my darling with every breath I\'ve breathed, I\'ve loved you each and every day

And here today, I\'m proud to say, I\'ve given all my life

To you, the one I\'ll always love, the one I\'m holding tonight

Yeah though these hands are twisted and swollen, and ache in the cold weather

I still dont know what I\'ve done to deserve this, it\'s perfect,

This love we share forever.