She reached out as if to touch a dwindling star

a single tear fell across her sweet face

a fateful journey had brought us to this place

together we had come so far


Against my cheek the touch of her hair

softly lifting her chin until our eyes met

within hers my heart and soul will always be there

I quietly whispered to her

I\'ll love you always...I have no regrets


Her voice cracked and she cried as she said

you and I are forever eternally bound

among the heavens it will be written and read

How in our two hearts a perfect love was found


As the final hour drew nearer

a lifetime of cherished memories

replaced all the thoughts of fear


The laughs, the tears

time spent together

building a love throughout the years


Our hearts leaped as the whistle blew

we kissed ever so deeply

we knew our destiny and what we had to do


Standing in line side by side

bodies and souls we bared

our pride and our love we did not hide


Into the white room we went

soft cries all around us

in each others arms the last moments we spent


The air becoming smokey and thick

we kneeled on the floor

I turned to her and cried

I\'ll meet you at heaven\'s door

for it was in that nazi chamber they died.