Your beauty is unique

It leaves me unable to speak

Id have to call you pretty

Others would say you’re a fitty


They would say your hot

You’d leave there heart in a knot

But I would say your stunning

And not because I’m any way cunning


But because what I say is true

Beautiful is you

Your absolutely gorgeous

So come on, smile for us


When I look into your eyes

I see endless skies

When I look into your heart

I can feel mine begin to start


Beauty is on the inside

Whoever said it was on the outside lied

If you find it on the inside then watch its growth

Watch the outside your eyes will soon see you’ve got both


I’m sick of hearing people say their ugly

Or She’s too chubby

He’s too small

She’s too tall


Use are all different human beings

So when will you all start seeing

We are not all the same

So why is that your aim


So Don’t listen to societies aspect

Just Listen to me! And I say Your perfect.