let it slide

First time i let it slide

I believed you but it was all a lie

2nd time was a mistake

You said i love you but it was too late

The girls that you fucked the girls that you kissed

Theirs one simple thing one thing that you missed

The truth the honesty loyalty and so on

Them girls wasn’t me that girl is gone


The betrayal your lies

Oh it wont happen again, with all your bullshit as we pass time but still i let it slide

9 months down line i wasn’t just your girl, im nowyour babys mum

That still didn’t stop you sliding your man hood into another scum

Your love you clamed you had, your love had got 2 faces

But where was your love when i needed it in the first place

You use you abuse you lie you scar

Men like you don’t need a crown to be a star

But a message to you from your babys mum

Im doing fine im doing great im not down for just fun

So belive me when i say i will never let it slide again

Because you are NOW my past and MY future is now great