I love hope but some say hope is part of what makes love
And I hate love because it is a monster.
It gives you false hope of a future with someone, a false forever.
It makes you crazy and has you go to such lengths to keep the love you have.
So when I tell you this take it with a heavy heart
Don\'t fall in love with me.
I will give you memories you\'ll never forget or want to for that matter
You will see me and fall in love with my laughter and how I get lost in everything I do, my passion with excite you.
You will become a better person because of me and see me as an angel that saved you from your despair.
I will take you places you\'ve never been and you will fall in love with things you\'ve never thought you would.
There will be an over flowing joy when you see me but as your cup reaches the rim
My arm will grow heavy and I will no longer pour for you
I will sneak off into the night and vanish
That cup will become a desert that no one will save you from.
See I am that monster called love
And please don\'t think it\'s your fault when I say I can\'t do this anymore
Because it\'s not you.... oh it\'s me
And as cliche as that can be it\'s the truth
And I hope it will set you free
From the monster inside of me.