David De La Cruz

Rope Don\'t Break

Sometimes in life

you\'ve learned

That you don\'t know what you got

until it\'s gone

Things seem right

but end up wrong

It may be a while

before you understand

that there are several steps 

to becoming a man

Love is in everyone

Everyone who appreciates it

but the ones who do wrong

their lives turn to shit

Love was not meant anger

nor was it made for pain

Anger\'s one letter away from danger

for a love you\'ll never see again

Never let your anger control your emotions

cause then you\'ll lose yourself

and forget how to put it back into motion

When I die

I want to be creamed

and poured into my guitar

so the next time I play

I can play for the stars

I\'m a music man

I\'m not going to lie

One last thing I can\'t bare to see

is to see you cry

Cause I feel I\'ve cried enough

for any and everyone

That\'s why I also feel

my time here is done

Please don\'t shed a tear

we\'ve had some good years

either family or friends

I hope the fun never ends

I\'ll never leave

you guys side

I\'ll always be there

day and night

I can\'t imagine

the pain you\'ll feel

but I know you\'ll know

that it\'s all for real

Cause I\'m tired of losing

I\'m tired of trying

I\'m tired of hoping

I\'m tired crying

I know it\'s hard to understand

it\'s hard to comprehend

it\'s hard to picture

I don\'t want to pretend


I was a man who loved

many things

and many ones

I was a brother for a long time

but I was also a son

I was a friend to a few

many but not a lot

no one will take from me

what experience I got

It\'s hard to find a friend

much harder to find a love

The answer my friend

is within a dove

I say that because

a dove is not only beautiful

but it also has feelings

just like us

us humanbeings

But nothing last forever

nothing ever stays the same way

please remember me

and never forget this day

I\'ll say it again

just like before

But as of right now

come tomarrow I wont be here any more

In the morning it\'ll be to late

My life is over

Rope don\'t break..by.D.DeLaCruz