do you think of me sometimes?

My mind keeps wondering

it wont leave the thought of you alone 

have you settled into your old mundane routine again 

are your late nights filled with liquor and loud music 

getting drunk and falling into bed with a different girl 

each night 


i wonder if 


just for a moment

do i ever cross your mind 

when you\'ve had a bit too much 


or when someone touches you in the same way 

when a kiss feels like my 

lips against yours 

when someone runs their fingers through your hair 

in the same way 

i did 

or when someone carries the same name


does your heart stop for a split second

do you think of my touch 

do you think my loud laugh 

do you think of the way you felt when 

you were with me 


or have i already become 

another stranger 

you quickly encountered, 


and so quickly